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Pet stains and pet odors are some of the worst stains to clean up and can leave behind a terrible lingering smell & look.

Pet Carpet Cleaning Essex County NJ

Pet accidents on wall-to-wall carpeting can be particularly frustrating because you cannot easily remove the carpet. Urine, poop, and other excrements will accumulate to create a strong smell that is hard to ignore. For the sake of your carpet, floors, and the environment around you & your family, it's important the pet stains are removed properly.

Pet Rug Cleaning Essex County NJ

Area rugs are a great way to add a little more personality and style to your home. Unfortunately, pet hair and other pet stains will eventually find their way onto the rug. So you don’t end up with a smelly, dirty rug that needs to be replaced, it’s important you clean up the stain as soon as possible and hire a rug professional to clean and protect your rug fibers.

Pet Stain/Odor Removal Essex County NJ

The process of pet stain and pet odor removal first starts with cleaning up the accident. Next, prepare the right cleaning methods for the type of stain it was. Pet accidents should always be treated to loosen and then extract the stain or odor. Our special stain and odor treatments include sanitizing & deodorizing your area rug.

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